Saturday, 12 September 2009

The A-Team Captured! aims to be the most detailed TAT fansite on the 'net. Anyway, he's more about my tortoise(!)

I went away with my folks last week (yeah, I know! anyway...) to the coast. We have family down there, and we gave Tim the Troublesome Tortoise to my cousin Gary as a trial.
Gary has quite a few tortoises, and took Tim to see how he got on.

Last report was that Tim was headbutting the other tortoises, so he's settled in just fine. All of the other tortoi (is that plural? Who knows?! Who cares!!) are women, so Tim (now renamed "Charlie Brown") must think he's in heaven!
I did take a picture of his new home, but my stupid SD card corrupted the picture.
Oh well, he's a shot of my dogs instead, waiting to go on their latest seaside outing!

Hettie and Minnie

My folks are thinking of moving down there, and I think I might move into the area too - so many places to walk and explore; not like where I live now. My current area is so rough, people steal the bricks from under people's cars!

Anyway, more posts ABOUT THE A-TEAM coming soon! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tortoise troubles

As well as musing on TAT and all things 1980s, I thought I'd bore you all with some of the things in my daily life!


You might have heard of Marley, the naughtiest dog in the world; well, presenting... Tim, the naughtiest tortoise in the world.

We've had Tim about 22 years. We got him from a neighbour whose mother owned him. When we got him, he had a hole drilled in the lip of his shell, so he could be tied to a pole and not get into any mischief. At first, we thought this was a bit cruel... maybe it should have been a warning sign for how bad he can be.

Tim likes to chase animals. Yes, my tortoise can RUN! When my dogs, Minnie and Hettie, are out in the garden when it's sunny (sun - what's that?), they'll be laying down minding their own business, and he'll race up to them and take a nip at them. No I am not making this up!

The cats are okay, because they can lay up out of the way, but the dogs have no escape - he'll nip them, they'll move, and he'll chase after them again... on it goes. I used to have some shoes with an orange stripe around them, and he even used to chase those!

So on this went until a couple of weeks ago, when Hettie, my youngest dog, finally had enough, and turned around, and nearly bit his head off! Blood everywhere... we though he was dead.

Did he learn his lesson? Nooo. He was soon back to his naughty old self. His run is done up like Fort Knox, to try and stop him even sticking his head through the wire and tempt fate.

So anyway... he has to go, before he meets his maker. My cousin has tortoises and is going to look after him for a trial period. I hope he behaves himself!
Updates on his new home soon...