Monday, 31 August 2009

The A-Team movie - rumours and thoughts

Well, a big screen version of 'The A-Team' has been on and off for many years now, but lately, it seems to have the emphasis of being ON again, with a 2010 release date rumoured.

There have been many reports of casting bouncing around, but Liam Neeson (currently) seems to be cast as Hannibal, with Bradley Cooper as Face. I'm not really familiar with Cooper, but I'm not sure how well an Irish-toned Hannibal will go down.

There have many reports on the casting of B.A. Last week, it was "confirmed" that Quinton "Rampage" Jackson had been signed up, but this later turned out to not be true.
There is a suggestion on one of the IMDB threads that Terry Crews could play him - actually, I wouldn't mind this so much!!

The big question is Murdock. Of late, Woody Harrelson has been mentioned a lot, although not offically.
On all of the (many) casting discussion threads, one name that people always suggest is Jim Carrey. Well, I have to say, personally, I think this would be terrible casting. I'm not saying Carrey isn't funny - I couldn't used to stand Carrey, though I have warmed to him recent years ('The Truman Show' is one of my favourite movies). But beyond that, I think it would be just wrong - Carrey would be far too over-the-top for the role; bearing in mind 'The A-Team' is an ensemble piece, I think Carrey would be too overpowering and would be the wrong kind of comedy for what the film requires.
Personally, I'd like to see a more subdued-mooded Robin Williams take the role, but I think he is too old for what they are going for.
But please, not Carrey - it just would't fit with the film!

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